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SOCI School of Computing and Informatics

The School of Computing & Informatics believes in developing the mind through critical thinking skills to enhance innovation among faculty, staff and students. The school looks at collectively changing the community through collaborative research development and innovation using multidisciplinary partnership approach.


To be a one stop focal point for computer science innovations and network systems security


To prepare an innovation mind of a person


•         The goals of the school are;

•         To train students with the computational skills that can be used innovatively to change communities

•         To be a center for innovation in informatics science and network security

•         To conduct and share computer science and information systems research for national development


The school is made up of two departments namely;

•         Department of Systems Engineering •   Department of Information Systems


The school through the two departments has the following programmes at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Graduate programmes:

•         Masters of Science in Information Technology (Information Systems)

•         Postgraduate Diploma – Information Technology

•         Masters of Science in Information Technology (Network Security)

•         Masters of Science in Information Technology (Software Engineering)

Undergraduate programmes:

•         Bachelor of Business Computing

•         Bachelor of Library and Information Science

•         Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

•         Bachelor of Science in Network Systems Administration

•         Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

•         Diploma in Computer Forensics

•         Diploma in Information technology

•         Certificate in Information Technology

All programmes offered at undergraduate are three year programmes; however, for international students who have to take four years they have to the Higher Education certificate for one year and then join the main degree programme they applied for. Diploma and Certificate take two years each, the variation is in the graduation load.

Short Course Academies

The school has two short course academies.

The Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy at Bugema University School of Computing & Informatics caters for having computer science knowledge and the skills are essential in the area of programming using Java and Database management systems. The Academy runs throughout the year and it trains both individuals who are either employed or still in schools. The skills gained can be used to get an international certification in Java programming or Database management systems.

Cisco Academy

The schools also run CISCO Networking Academy. This academy runs a number of courses cuttings across networking, to programming and systems security. We train individuals from all organizations and our students in the area of cyber security, internet of things, penetration testing using Kali Linux and programming in C, C++ and Python. Students can have Certification in CCNA, CCENT and CCNA Security. Bugema University CISCO Academy is the strongest CISCO academy today in Uganda since its inception 10+ Years ago. Admission Requirements

•         A student to be admitted to the program, he/she must fulfill the admission requirements of Bugema University at the undergraduate level. A student should have the following;

•         A Uganda advanced certificate of Education with two/one principal pass, Uganda Certificate of Education with at least five passes all obtained at the same seating are considered for either diploma or degree.

•         A diploma/Certificate obtained from an institution recognized by NCHE or its equivalent

•         A mature age entry requirement obtained from a relevant institution recognized by NCHE.

Important To All Students In The Schools

Alongside the normal semester courses, students are required to take online CISCO/ ORACLE short courses to help enhance their skill to the required international Level for better innovation and employability. Such courses are charged separately from the tuition – as an add-on skill. It’s Compulsory for all students. Certificates are awarded for each course completed. Both CISCO and ORACLE Academy courses are considered.


The School has three intakes in any given academic year, these include’ August Intake (Starting of the Academic Year) January Intake, May Intake Applications are Ongoing – Please tell a friend to apply NOW!!

Professional Enrichement Activities

All students in the school subscribe automatically to the Information technology club (IT Club). Students are supposed to pay an amount as per the club’s constitution. Students in the School of Computing & Informatics have the opportunity to gain from the following activities;

Practical professional experience in computer engineering, information systems, software engineering and networking Workshops, seminars and symposiums

Leadership skills – every students is free to stand for leadership post

IT Club Activities

Career Guidance and many others

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